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Regardless of the type of cupboard construction, you have already; there are only a few dimensions that need adding up to work out what quantity of paint you need to repaint your kitchen cupboards.


There is no such thing as an average kitchen size so you do need to work out the square metre area that you need to paint, just like you would for wall paint.

Measure each facing surface area for each cupboard along the cabinet frontals and if the run of cupboards ends with a panel back going to the wall, add those panel lengths on to your total width.


Use our handy calculator to check how much paint you need by entering your dimensions into the sections below.


Where you have fixed detail areas such as shelves, backboards, canopy features and corbels, for example, make a guestimate at their overall area and add that to your total colour requirement. In reality, you are not likely to remove an integrated appliance door when repainting your kitchen so will only paint one side and the four edges resulting in a small amount of spare paint in your calculations.


If you want more than one colour, decide which areas are going to be finished in which colours and complete the calculator sections accordingly.


Always get more paint than you will need exactly to allow for different surface preparation, application methods and rates. It’s still a good idea to have some spare paint for emergencies. Our FAQ's section has some good suggestions to help you.


Our calculator provides an approximation only, and we advise that you should always consult your decorator before ordering paint. As a result, we cannot be held responsible for any wrongly ordered paint from using this calculator.

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