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Creating your perfect kitchen space and making your project budget work effectively. Part 3

Part 3 Appliance Conundrums - cha-ching!

One recent renovation project offered a conundrum with the main cooking appliance.

The brief was to replace the old dual fuel range cooker with a new version, retaining the LPG gas hob and electric oven set up that the client was confident using.

Cokking on gas
Cooking on gas

This same-same but new requirement would necessitate upgrading the gas bottle set up with a new enclosure, appliance testing and installation certification to meet the current Gas Safe standards.

All at a considerable cost in addition to buying the new appliance itself.

To work within the overall project budget, I proposed an alternative range cooker option. Same appliance brand and size but the all-electric, energy-efficient induction hob version.

Yes, the all-electric version's price was more than the duel fuel LPG version, but when the additional LPG requirements are factored in, the induction hob option saved £350. The only hitch is that some of my clients' existing pans may not be appropriate for induction hob use which brings me neatly on to a common question about induction hobs.

How do I know if my pans will work?

Clean and eco efficent Induction
Clean and eco efficent Induction

Induction hobs only work with pots and pans that contain ferrous metal in the base.

Not sure what a ferrous metal pan looks like? (you are not alone)

They can be disguised by layered metals so to check if ANY pans, old or new will work, hold a magnet next to the pan base; if it attracts, the pan will work on induction hobs.

Another way of checking is to pour a small amount of water into the pan and then place it on the cooking zone.

Good appliance brands often offer a complimentary pan set when you purchase their appliance with an induction hob. Do ask the appliance retailer about any existing offers or upcoming deals that you could benefit from.

That could be a double saving!!

Until next time, best wishes from Charlotte.


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