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Dust Sleeves as an influence for your Kitchen Renovation Palette - Part 1

In any bookshop, I am a magpie alighting on a glimmer.

Way before the story preamble is perused, my eyes are laser tracking to target the most attractive colour zinging dust sleeves amongst the titles and authors lined up on the shelves.

My local, fantastically independent book shop, Devizes Books, has been a vital source of wellbeing over the decades, and with innovative smart shopping practices implemented during Covid, many locals and I have been amply provided for.

I am a regular book club (or two) participant, also known as wine club)) which has led to choices being made for me without my dust sleeve spotting selection process. Nonetheless, I have accumulated a vibrant collection of champion dust-sleeved stories spanning wide-reaching worldwide and other-worldly places centuries and styles.

These treasures' sleeve designs are the perfect influence for kitchen colour design choices. But, of course, you can also recollect your favourite colour picking story too.

The first five dust sleeve palettes that I thought you may like include current colour trends and my future kitchen colour predictions.

All The Light I Cannot See By Anthony Doerr as a colour palette

The blue teal hues are so reminiscent of this very moving and deservedly multi-award-winning novel. The main characters' lives interweave and illuminate through their good actions during Germany's harrowing and brutal occupation of France during the 1940s.

The strong blue colours such as Kitchen Cupboard Paint Hosta Blue Hue, Dark Knight and Sea Holly can be softened without diminishing the drama by using natural textures such as timber surfaces or flooring and natural textiles and plant accessories.

The use of high glazed wall tiles and glass lamps such as the neat Flori Pendant in pewter from Rowen & Wren will add the all-important light to the overall scheme. Stone worktops and handles in either white or black complement the strong blue hues.


Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens as a colour palette

This debut novel from a respected and internationally bestselling nonfiction writer and retired biologist had me hook, line and sinker from the first page. The introduction to the main character Kya Clark and the landscape on which she resides came to life with the authors' ability to describe plants and insects, water life and landscapes in such detail. I felt like I was there within the North Carolina marshes, smelling the swampyness and feeling the faint breeze of insects all around me.

The dust sleeve colours of apricot pink-red and soft grey-black is a surprisingly pleasing contemporary combination.

Replicable in many variations with soft charcoal tones like Herdwick Grey as the main cupboard hue with pomegranate ochre on the walls. Sealed bare bricks look less industrial when layered with textures of nude beech wood. Adding finishing touches such as the new trend for matt black taps and matching above worktop socket covers makes this an easy style to apply in your kitchen.


Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman as a colour palette

My future prediction for a revival of neutral and natural colour schemes is reflected with the not quite right burnt and bare poplar wood matches representing the quirky and endearing main character in this debut novel, Eleanor.

Against a curated but definitely not bland canvas of whispering fawn and dusted mushroom, you can really accentuate particular features in your kitchen space.

For example, if the sun rests a while on a spot in your room at a particular time of day, lighter hues will come alive and allow shadow games to add depth to the main colour.

Complement paler cupboard tones such as Pewsey and Cherhill with bold horizontal delineation colours; dark slate worktops or pale marble with dramatic carbon metamorphism lines would be perfect. Add small neat knobs in monochromatic hues to keep the whole look sublime.


The Wild Other by Clover Stroud as a colour palette

Duh, it has a horse on the cover, and the representation of downland hills picked out in gold; of course, I was going to pick this one!

This memoir has its axis on the places local to my life too. It resonated with the repetitive pull of Wiltshire downland, which also runs as a backdrop throughout the author's life. When a tragic accident cut short an idyllic childhood, the author embarks on a wild journey travelling from gipsy camps in Ireland to the rodeos of West Texas and on to Russia's war-torn Caucasus.

Green and gold have been featured in desirable kitchen colour palettes all year with lots of moody dark greens like Gaiter Green, paired with antique brass cup handles. This dust sleeve proposes a brighter combination of grassy green and lime tones, accentuated with high gloss composite worksurfaces, splashbacks, bright polished brass taps, and shelf supports. A complete and classic kitchen colour scheme.


The Alchemist by Paul Coelho as a colour palette

Sixty-two million readers worldwide, it is probably on your shelf too.

A fable of dreams and aspirations, conviction and the ability to embrace other peoples ideas and wisdom. It's a short book that packs a punch. Elements of the story will revisit you in your everyday life, reminding you to also follow your instincts and dreams in equal measure.

With many editions and re-issues, the cover has principally retained its original colours. Love it or hate it, the sunset colours of Cochineal, Saffron Orange and Chrome Yellow have a spiritual history that has long been allied as an element of the Earth. I love this bold colour selection!

Incorporating rustic shelves and practical iron shelf supports tempers the luxurious hues. Add eclectic details like fancy finials and Fanous lanterns to complete the scheme.



Have a look at your favourite read and tell me, can you take some colour inspiration from the dust sleeve to use in your colour scheme?

I would love to know what your book choice would be.

Maybe it will be part of Dust Sleeves as an influence for your Kitchen Renovation Palette Part 2 or 3 or 4 or...

Until next time, best wishes from Charlotte.

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