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I am a Kitchenista*

I launched @paintedcupboardlove a year ago to provide professional quality kitchen cupboard appropriate paint, developed especially for the busy kitchen environment to enable homeowners to enjoy the greater benefits to finish new or existing fitted kitchen cupboards, rather than using a standard eggshell or chalk paint.

Because I curated my own palette of kitchen cupboard specific tones, you can be confident that my previous 20+yrs of kitchen design, quality paint & colour creation experience will provide the right colours for your home in both traditional and contemporary styles.

From the studio at The Old Barn just outside of Devizes, my collection of 24 classic and on-trend colours are inspired by the array of natural tones found in the Wiltshire landscape. I include thirteen White Horse related hues where the material and texture of each White Horse locality is the influence for some of my paler kitchen cupboard paint tones.

To complement my paint supply, I provide kitchen interiors and design service. Undertaking a kitchen renovation is the new sustainable way to bring the heart of the home a new lease of life with an up to date style, at a fraction of the cost.

I help homeowners, who don't necessarily require a complete kitchen replacement, using my expertise and kitchen sourcebook to combine retained components with new elements and a complete palette of textures and colours that brings each kitchen space up to date and ready for the next decade, or longer.

COVID measures keeping you safe

I am operatating on an appointment-only basis and work with you both in your home and here at the studio which has COVID safety measures in place so you can be health confident during our time together.

Maybe you have been working from home more in the last six months and noticed that your kitchen needs some TLC?

Enabling the reloving of your kitchen is what I do best!

Thank you for following and for your small business support, please do get in touch, I would love to help you too.

Very best wishes from Charlotte

* the person doing the majority of kitchen activities, including but not limited to designing, styling, cooking, tidying & partying

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