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Handmade Kitchen Cupboard Paint Chart

When you order a Kitchen Cupboard Paint Chart, you will also get access to the very nifty Paint Calculator, technical documents and painting advice files.  #win#win


The full paint chart is a great starting point when you are considering which colours to paint on your cupboards. Order your hand-made paint chart here, and it will arrive as fast as the postperson can get it to you.


The colours shown on our hand-made paint chart are created using the actual waterbased Kitchen Cupboard Paint. This Paint Chart, therefore, provides an accurate representation of the colour within batch tolerance at the time of production. The 15% sheen that Kitchen Cupboard Paint provides will vary compared to the Paint Chart and Swatches due to them being painted on a paper base and not an actual cupboard door. Our advice is provided with good faith but without warranty as methods of application and site conditions are outside of our control.


Handmade Kitchen Cupboard Paint Chart





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