As a colourist who spends most of my time outdoors in the Wiltshire countryside, natural plant tones and specifically the chalk horses on so many horizons around me have greatly influenced my Kitchen Cupboard Paint palette.

The colour palette uniquely developed by Kitchen Cupboard Paint has an array of tones and hues that have been tried and tested in a wide variety of kitchens and on freestanding furniture around the home. Within each colour, you will find a resource palette to include accent colours for islands, furniture and or backboards and suggested room wall paint that will complement the painted cupboards.



The White Horses Collection represents the iconic chalk horses carved into the British landscape and the wide variety of chalk colour tones they present.
With so many styles dating from the 3000-year-old Uffington White Horse with its historic grace in old chalk to the contemporary clean-lined Cheriton White Horse created in 2003, there is a delightful array of different chalky shades across all thirteen of the White Horses in my collection.
The material and texture of each White Horse locality is the influence for these pale tones; the flinty Iron Age greys, a green sand white, chalky mellow gold, dusty bronze, white quartz, limestone and milky creams that are unique to the location of each White Horse.