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Colour Of The Month: Uffington

This month I am putting Kitchen Cupboard Paint colour Uffington, in the spotlight.

The colour holds fast to the pale lichen green hue that comes through the chalky cream undertone of the oldest of our British chalk horse hill carvings, Uffington White Horse in Oxfordshire, that inspired this Charlotte's Classic Kitchen Cupboard Paint colour.

I think it is the most contemporary of the chalk hill horse designs and could, in theory, have been created in our recent history by Louise Bourgeois, however; experts insist that this White Horse is over 3,000 years old and it is thought to have been made by the Belgic tribe (Celts) between 50BC and 50AD.

Situated close to Dragon Hill near Wantage in Oxfordshire (historically Berkshire) where legend says St. George, England's patron saint, slew the dragon, this chalk hill carving is 374 feet long and 130 feet high. It has a strange ‘beaked’ muzzle, and the limbs are disjointed, so some think it is not a horse at all.

The Contemporary Uffington White Horse
The Contemporary Uffington White Horse

As a Kitchen Cupboard Paint colour with such versatility, totally different room styles can be created with Uffington as the primary painted cupboard colour.

Create classic styling with Uffington Kitchen Cupboard Paint paired with rustic timbers and luxury textiles like the Piedmont Print in ‘Sea Foam’ from @GGCshowroom. With a traditional solid wood kitchen paint renovation, letting the wood grain texture show through the painted finish will add to the charm.

Using the cream hue within Uffington to complement teal coloured ceramic wall tiles in the new scalloped shape and plush Mariano Old Blue velvet by @colefaxandfowler, results in a warm and on-trend scheme.

Picking out the greener hue within Uffington Kitchen Cupboard Paint and contrasting it with a paler wall colour of Sanderson - Oriental Pearl brightens and lifts the whole scheme allowing a bolder fabric choice such as Charnwood in Teal/Nutmeg from @gpjbaker

Lastly, for painted cupboards in the boot room, snug or study, pairing Uffington with Gaiter Green and adding simple black iron handles and non-reflective bronzed glass features with oiled Oak flooring, shelves or worktops, softened with ‘Queen Bee’ Herringbone fabric from @TheLoungeCo recreates a traditional country estate vibe.

Uffington can also be enhanced with plain brushed pewter cupboard drawer pulls with hidden fixings, for a minimalist look. Cabinetry with lay-on doors will feature fewer vertical lines so a much more simple aesthetic can be achieved. Using a pale stone worksurface will complement the natural cream chalk tones and keep the overall scheme bright and fresh.

The stone shown here from @artisansofdevizes is Tumbled Belvoir Limestone

Textile is repeated in Piedmont Print ‘Sea Foam’ from @GGCshowroom showing how versatile Uffington is for minimalist styles as well as for traditional classical style.


Pink and Rose, the florist, has recently renovated a small freestanding dresser with Uffington as the final colour. It looks impressive and complements the array of plants and planters that the dresser is displaying inside the flower shop. This renovation used a litre of primer and topcoat which was brush applied after diligent preparation of the furniture, which had many years of polish to remove, before starting with the base primer coat and two topcoats.

Painted Dresser

Painted Door Details

Painted Dresser in Uffington

You can order a 100ml sample of Uffington topcoat to try in your own home here. and for some more Uffington Kitchen Cupboard Paint Pinspiration take a peek at my Pinterest page...

I hope that you have found some ideas and inspiration here and wish you all well, stay safe. Until next time, best wishes from Charlotte.


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