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Comparing Apples with Apples

Taking time to consider whether you are choosing the right paint for the job and that the claims associated with the product are genuine, is very much worth your effort.

Not only could you save money on your paint purchase, but you could also avoid repeating your painting project too soon.

Obviously, you want the new paint for your kitchen cupboards and furniture to be washable, splash proof and able to withstand heat, knocks and constant wear caused by kitchen activities and comparing different paints is a very sensible idea.

There are broad differences between brands and considering just three key points will enable you to make the right final paint choice:

  • Coverage – how far will the paint really go?

  • Cost – what is the base cost per square metre?

  • Application – is it easy to apply, spreading evenly and low in VOC’s ?

Infographic Paint Comparisions
Infographic Paint Comparisions

On my Cupboard Paint Choices guide above, I have selected readily available paint brands to compare, all quick-drying and all require a base coat.

Costs are based on topcoats in the smallest can size.

Honesty Check!!!!!

So you are totally clued up; the SQ M cost shown above for Kitchen Cupboard Paint is for the rich darker colours. My paler colours are actually only £1.79 per square metre, making them excellent and best value.

Top Tip

Knowing the can sizes in advance is helpful. Small cans with a low coverage rate will mean you need more than one can of paint which may result in a batch colour difference.

I hope your final choice of kitchen cupboard paint is Kitchen Cupboard Paint but if you have any doubts, do give me a call on 01380 848594.

Best wishes from Charlotte

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