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It's National Scrabble Day!

A lot of thinking time goes into creating a kitchen layout that fulfils the household needs and works within the available budget. Here is my way of making it a bit of fun at the same time.

Designing a kitchen is a bit like pulling those seven tiles from the bag and working out how to get the best score from their placement in the room.

Staring with the basic necessities;

Fridge Freezer


Sink & tap





Finding the optimal locations, working in a neat, efficient 'kitchen triangle' arrangement where the steps between the hob, sink and fridge are shortest and unhindered is important. It may not get the highest score, but it is the foundation upon which the rest of the score can be accumulated.

Three tiles down.

Three new components to incorporate;

Below worktop cupboards

Tall cupboards

Wall cupboards and shelves

Infilling between the basic necessities with cupboards and drawers will land you some double or triple letter scores if you get clever about it.

Drawers near the hob for utensils and a good-sized crockery cupboard near the dishwasher, and the throughway to the table, for example, will make your space super-efficient.

Shelves above the worktop between tall cupboards will create a cost effective focal point.

Reorganising your remaining tiles on the Scrabble tile rack is like shuffling the different cupboard sizes around in the kitchen room space left.

Figuring out where to place the important larder store cupboard goes, should it be next to the fridge or nearer the cooker, you will inevitably need to dip back into the bag once more.

Maybe you will pull up a Q or a Z, the kitchen designers equivalent of a filtered and boiling water Quooker or Zip tap.

Incorporating an island or peninsula with a stool nook is like putting all seven tiles down in one go, winning you a neat fifty point bonus!

Not A Designer Tip:

Scrabble score rule sometimes forgotten: An added bonus is awarded to the player that ended the game and has no remaining tiles. The tile values of all remaining players will be added to the score of the player who is out of tiles to produce the final score for the game.

So that's my musings on the complexities and similarities of playing Scrabble and undertaking a new Kitchen Design.

Thank you for reading!

Best wishes, until next time.

From Charlotte


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